Architectural Conservation Pecha Kucha


 Join us for a Pecha Kucha night to celebrate the launch of Architectural Conservation in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands: National Experiences and Practice, by John H. Stubbs, William Chapman, Julia Gatley and Ross King, along with another 60 contributors (published by Routledge in January 2024). Speakers on the night will focus on New Zealand topics and the islands of the South Pacific as follows:

Julia Gatley, Introduction

Elizabeth Aitken Rose, Heritage and Seismicity

Ellen Andersen, The Conservation of Māori Architecture

Robin Byron, The Inevitability of Change

Candace Bower, Fiji

Charmaine ‘Ilaiū Talei, Tonga

Christoph Schnoor, Samoa

Julia Gatley, French Polynesia

Date and time: Wednesday 1 May 2024, 5.30 p.m. for drinks, 6.30p.m. start

Venue: Design Theatre, 22 Symonds Street, University of Auckland