About History and Theory Hub

The Hub promotes the important role of the university as a “critic and conscience of society” as enshrined in Section 162 of the Education Act (1989). The focus of the hub’s activities is on fostering critical thinking to facilitate necessary changes in norms, values and knowledge to improve the quality of life.


Missions of the Hub 

  • Developing a more clearly focused research theme on history and theory research.
  • Promoting inter-disciplinarity within the School and reaching out to other disciplines across the University.
  • Contributing to the mentoring of staff towards research team building.
  • Building local, national and international presence through intellectual and innovative collaborations and partnerships.
  • Supporting innovative research and creative practices that extend the boundaries of knowledge, are peer-reviewed and publicly accessible.
  • Maintaining and further developing excellent academic staff profiles
  • Improving the visibility of the School of Architecture and Planning in the Pacific region by addressing specific challenges and problems in the Pacific region from a historical and theoretical point of view.
  • Focusing more effort around research clusters and teams for postgraduate students and Ph.D. candidates.