Academic Staff

Elizabeth Aitken Rose

Senior Lecturer (Co-director)

Research Interests
  • Arts and cultural policy
  • Heritage
  • Children’s policy
  • Community and local economic development
  • Planning history
  • Public management

Julia Gatley

Associate Professor (Co-director)

Research Interests
  • Modern and postmodern architecture
  • New Zealand architecture
  • Conservation of significant 20th century buildings

Elham Bahmanteymouri

Senior Lecturer (Co-founder)

Research Interests
  • Planning theory
  • The application of critical logic to planning
  • Urban, regional and land economics
  • Housing policy and urban growth
  • Planning pedagogy

Andrew Barrie


Research Interests
  • Contemporary Japanese architecture
  • Contemporary practice and design
  • Design as research
  • Architectural representation

Anthony Brand


Research Interests
  • Haptic phenomenology
  • Atmosphere and affect
  • Architecture and neuroscience
  • Multisensory and synaesthetic perception
  • Enaction and embodiment

Deidre Brown


Research Interests
  • Maori art and architecture
  • Pacific art and architecture
  • Cultural and intellectual property rights
  • Human and animal studies
  • Digital culture and Indigenous peoples

Andrew Douglas

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests
  • Philosophy and architecture
  • Cultural studies approaches to space and materiality
  • Urban histories and para-literatures
  • Education philosophies
  • Gender and sexuality

Farzaneh Haghighi

Senior Lecturer 

Research Interests
  • Political philosophy of Michel Foucault
  • Architecture and politics Intersection of urban space and event
  • Iranian modern architecture and urbanism
  • Architecture of the act of trade

Bill McKay

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests
  • New Zealand architectural history
  • Maori architecture
  • South Pacific architecture
  • Social housing
  • War memorials
  • Auckland urban design issues
  • Contemporary architectural criticism
  • Contemporary practice and design

Mohsen Mohammadzadeh

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests
  • Critical urban theory – Society of control
  • Urban discontent and planning
  • Smart city and the ethics of big data
  • Driverless cars and their impacts on the built environment

Current History/Theory Doctoral Projects:

– Tony Barnes, ‘The Architectural Expression of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Auckland’s Houses (1900-1925)’. Supervisor: Julia Gatley. Co-supervisor: Deidre Brown.

– Weian Chen, ‘The Nascence of Presence: A Pilgrim’s Journey through the Sensuous in Architecture. Supervisor: Andrew Douglas. Co-supervisors: Anthony Brand and Becca Weber.

– Saeed Haghnia, ‘Architecture of the Residential Care Environments in Tehran, Iran’. Supervisors: Farzaneh Haghighi. Co-supervisor: Andrew Douglas.

– Lena Henry, ‘Tino Rangatiratanga and Maori Representation on Local Authority Boards.’ Supervisor: Deidre Brown. Co-supervisor: Lee Beattie.

– Jiang Jing, ‘Architectures of Transitions: An Investigation on Emerging Spatialities in the Age of Experiential Augmentation’. Supervisor: Manfredo Manfredini. Co-supervisor: Farzaneh Haghighi.

– Mugdha Kulkarni, ‘A Study of the Maratha Sea Forts in Konkan Region of India’. Supervisor: Julia Gatley. Co-supervisor: Paola Boarin.

– Xiaoli Liu, ‘Placing Nothingness: An Investigation of Cross-Cultural Philosophical Encounters Centred on the Architecture of Courtyards.’ Supervisor: Andrew Douglas. Co-supervisor: Ross Jenner.

– Annabel Pretty, ‘Sublime Follies: Spatial Poetics of Folies and Architectural Photography.’ Supervisor: Manfredo Manfredini. Co-supervisor: Andrew Douglas.

– Alfredo Ramos, ‘The Place of the Body without Organs in Porto Maravilha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’. Supervisor: Farzaneh Haghighi. Co-supervisor: Manfredo Manfredini.

– Maqsood Rezayee, ‘Architectural Concept and Urban Planning Approach to Overcome the Problems of Informal Settlement in Kabul city.’ Supervisor: Deidre Brown. Co-supervisor: Elham Bahmanteymouri.

– Candida Rolla, ‘Where the Natural and Cultural Unite: New Zealand’s Place in the International Development of Cultural Landscape Identification and Preservation’. Supervisor: Julia Gatley. Co-supervisor: Paola Boarin.

Amber Ruckes, ‘Te Ao o Hinepūkohurangi: The construction of Indigenous Architecture through Māori Knowledge.’ Supervisor: Deidre Brown. Co-supervisor: Anthony Hoete.

– Megan Rule, ‘A Brief (Her)Story of Climate Response in Architecture Practice.’ Supervisor: Julia Gatley. Co-supervisor: Sarosh Mulla. 

– Azra Shabbir Ahamed, ‘Sustainable Social Housing Design in India: An Integrated Approach’. Supervisor: Farzaneh Haghighi. Co-supervisors: Paola Boarin.

– Nicola Short, ‘Heritage law and planning, heritage ontologies and cultural heritage landscapes in Aotearoa New Zealand.’ Elizabeth Aitken Rose. Co Supervisor: Deidre Brown.

– Ariel Wang, ‘Preservation and Revitalisation of Traditional Chinese Villages, with a Focus on the Anhui Region.‘ Supervisor: Julia Gatley. Co-supervisor: Marian Macken.

– Hnin Su Mon Win, ‘Buddhist Temple Architecture in New Zealand.’ Supervisor: Julia Gatley. Co-supervisor: Anthony Brand.

– Kaining Zhang, ‘The Conservation, Retrofit and Reuse of Historic Buildings and Districts Based on the Human Settlement Environment.’ Supervisor: Paola Boarin. Co-supervisors: Elizabeth Aitken Rose and Timothy Welch.


Recent History/Theory Doctoral Completions: 


2023: Dongxue Liu, ‘Heritage Planning in Migrant Societies: A Case Study of Chinese Communities in Auckland, New Zealand’. Supervisor: Elizabeth Aitken Rose. Co Supervisor: Kai Gu.

2022: Joy Park, ‘Heritage Interpretation in the Urban Regeneration of Britomart, Auckland, New Zealand’. Supervisor: Julia Gatley. Co-supervisors: Kai Gu, Farzaneh Haghighi.

2020: Phillip Hartley, ‘Thoroughly Modern Heritage: Preserving the Mid-Century Architectural Heritage of New Zealand; How an Understanding of Modernist Materiality, Form and Planning Engages with Established Conservation Philosophy and Practice’. Supervisor: Julia Gatley. Co-supervisors: Paola Boarin, Jeremy Treadwell.

2020: Milica Madanovic, ‘Architectural Historicism Revisited: The Case of the 20th-Century Traditionalist Architecture in Queen Street, Auckland’. Supervisor: Julia Gatley. Co-supervisor: Michael Milojevic.

2020: Jeremy Treadwell, ‘Tuia Te Whare: The Culture of Maori Architectural Technology’. Supervisor: Julia Gatley. Co-supervisor: Ngarino Ellis; advisor: Mike Austin.

2020: Stacy Vallis, ‘Unreinforced Masonry Precincts in New Zealand: History, Heritage, and Seismic Retrofit’. Supervisor: Julia Gatley. Co-supervisors: Jason Ingham, Michael Milojevic.